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Coronavirus IT Support

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Coronavirus IT Support
provided by OX365

None of us could have predicted the unprecedented change to our way of life due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and we are proud that OX365 and our clients are well placed to deal with the IT needs of the situation.

Already familiar with a variety of online communication tools and VoIP, we’re able to work in isolation just as we would together in the office, including holding daily online meetings.

Looking after our clients’ needs has continued without interruption, as well as speaking to new clients about their needs for adaptable services.

IT Equipment and use

For most people, working from home using a computer means trying to read information on a small laptop for prolonged periods instead of a larger external monitor (or multiple monitors). A few simple solutions could make a big difference to comfort and productivity.
    • Where possible, try to use an external monitor, keyboard and mouse.
    • Your home lighting is unlikely to be as bright as office lighting, so make sure the environment is suitable and you save your eyes!
    • It’s all too tempting to work in bed or in front of the TV, but with so many distractions you’ll be more productive in a dedicated work environment.
    • Try and stick to regular work hours. To quote Dolly Parton; ‘9-5’.

    Using your home/family computer

    In an ideal world, we would all have a dedicated computer for work use, but where this isn’t possible and you must use a shared computer, the following tips can help minimise the risk of work data being accidentally corrupted or deleted by somebody else.

      • Configure a separate user and password for your work use only – not to be shared with anybody else
      • Don’t save any work data on the computer
      • Don’t save work passwords on the computer or in the computer’s browser

      Mobile Phones

      Without a desk phone, and being away from your team, there is likely to be increased mobile phone use. Keep yourself and the phone healthy, and make sure calls are as productive as they can be with these tips for use:
        • Remember to clean phones regularly. Special wipes/cleaners should be used for screens, and avoid using too much water (even a water-resistant phone). Cases are usually plastic and best washed thoroughly with soap and water (without the phone inside!)
        • It can be more comfortable to use an earpiece, using either wired, or a Bluetooth connection for more flexibility.
        • With extra use, you may need to charge your phone more often. It pays to have an extra charging cable to hand where you work.
        • To improve signal and/or save minutes, “Wifi Calling” can be enabled on most phones, which uses your Internet connection rather than phone networks when making and receiving calls.

        Call divert and forwarding

        Incoming calls to office numbers can usually be forwarded to mobile phones quite easily, but you may also want to make outgoing calls from the same office number.
        • If you already have a Cloud/VoIP based telephone system, there are usually apps that allow you to make and receive calls directly from your office number.
        • If you have a traditional phone system in the office, now might be the time to upgrade to a low cost cloud-based VoIP system. Please call us to discuss which options are the best fit for you.

        Remote Collaborative Working

        You might think that remote working means being tied to your screen and never exchanging a word, but remote working can make you realise just how much collaboration actually happens in your office. Meetings, asking quick questions, and group brainstorming and more, can be facilitated with these useful collaborative tools.
        • Microsoft Teams includes a live-chat facility as well as theme-based and team-based discussion areas, and multi-user conference calling
        • Zoom is one of the leading platforms for multi-user calls, meetings and webinars (both public and private).
        • Skype is tried and trusted and offers live chat, multi-user calls and a screen-sharing option.
        • WhatsApp is a secure messaging platform offering both personal and group chat, audio and video facilities. It works primarily from your phone’s contact list, so contacting other people has never been easier.

        Home broadband connections

        Incoming calls to office numbers can usually be forwarded to mobile phones quite easily, but you may also want to make outgoing calls from the same office number.
        • Home broadband connections present more challenges than at the office, not least of which is having to contact your ISP directly if you’re experiencing problems. While most of the population are now working from home, it is undoubtedly placing an extra strain on the residential service providers.
        • The location of the router and your workstation can make quite a difference. We can advise you on best options if physical barriers or distance are proving to be a problem.
        “Contact us if you’d like to discuss options for improving your home broadband or network.”

        In need of assistance? We can help...

        We understand this is a troubling time for businesses and knowing what help is available to you is crucial. Drop us a message and a member of one of our teams will be in touch with you right away.